Welcome to your public website hosted by OrgSync! The layout, design, and content of the website can be customized and updated from within your portal.


If you would like to customize this template to match your own site, or do something more creative, feel free. Though, making major template changes will require a basic understanding of HTML & CSS. Otherwise, all content updates and general maintenance can be done via the page editor by someone with little to no code experience.

Locating the Website Builder

To access the ‘Website Builder,’ select the ‘Website’ option located along your portal’s left-hand toolbar. If you do not see this module, click here to learn how to enable it.

Creating New Pages

To add a new website page, locate this option in the top right of the ‘Pages’ tab while under the ‘Website Builder.’ The name you come up with will be the quick-URL used for linking purposes. Note: creating a new page does not automatically add it to the site’s navigation bar. To learn how to add a link to the navigation, read this article.

Editing Pages

Pages are maintained under the ‘Pages’ tab of the ‘Website Builder.’ You've already been provided a set of default pages. This page, the index, has the title of home. The rest should be self-explanatory. To edit a page, click the pencil icon and you will access an editor that allows you to edit content, add OrgSync modules, and access the page's source code. For more information on adding OrgSync modules into a webpage, read this article

Resetting the Website

To reset your website, an existing portal administrator must make a formal request to a member of the OrgSync staff. If you would like to reset your portal’s website, please contact our support team. Note: you will lose all content and styles from your existing website if you do this. 

Additional Website Builder Help